Sunday, October 4, 2009


Lets pray for the day when our children can play

Lets pray for the day when our son can say

Put the weapons away; use your pen as a sword

We may not afford all the expensive toys they

Have a board, but we have hope

Which they fear is too strong

So much hate it can only go wrong

So the song we sing can be the anthem

Of our future, what they did right can be our teacher

While she stands so strong they want to abolisher

But she stands at peace, stands and waits far in the east

With the weather so hot, and the hearts of her people so cold

The war is getting old, and she fears her people will be extinct

An less they rethink, all the corruption and the distraction

Of their homeland, the weapons and the hatred gets band

We fear the worst to come, we stand in other mans land we have no where to run

Ayan Abdi
Copyright ©2009

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