Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Half of our deen

This is half our deen, this is only why I’m doing this
marriage with you would be the real thing
and your love I feel from you
I don’t want to ask for much
hoping you don’t take it wrong and feel my standards are low
cause it’s not, it took long to find my own prince
I just want Allah (swt) to be the only witness to be the blessing of our marriage.

In the future, I know you would promise me the better things in life
you will save me here on earth and the afterlife
I want you to be the father of my children
be the best father which I never had
having my beauty and your heart we would raise and be the better of our children (inshallah).

I want you to be the one that can teach me the things you’ve learnt in life your mistakes and the good deeds you’ve have done
I don’t want us to be just any other married couple but I want you to turn to me for advice or that our communcation sparks with a connection because I want you to be my best friend. I want it to be every other month as if we first meet; still feeling breathless because you’re still here hoping you will be here for from many years to come (inshallah).

I can just see it our honeymoon to see the haji following through the footsteps as our Prophet did.
Let’s make it perfect as the love of Aisha and Muhammed (s.w.s) have. And if I say how much our love is strong, you would reply and say as tie as a knot, just how our Prophet felt for Aisha.

Remember the days the months and this whole year
my dua’s were for you I asked for you, when we never spoke never saw of each other, I know you was thinking the same.
Let’s forget the past make a new start (inshallah).

If you die first, I can just see that Allah would reward you with many things in heaven and the most beautiful virgins, but don’t ever forget about me I want you to choose me for a life time together inshallah
I hope I can make you happy and that there aren’t any regrets between you and me.

The future is a mystery but when we do half of our deen lets work together with the other half
and be the one who digs out the diamonds out of my heart and shows them to me.
its you that I love and saying that I love seems like the first time.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2009

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