Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fighting the Demons

"Truly, to a happy state shall attain the believers:those who humble themselves in their prayer,
and who turn away from all that is frivolous,and who are intent on inner purity."-[Qur'an 23:1-4]

The locks of the hell fire are opened,
your back, huh?
Been a month of blessings, and prayers,
A month of reconnecting with my Almighty lord every night and every day,
but your presences ruins it....your back...
As the magrib prayer of the last day of ramadan approached,
my fears of being reconnected with you returned,
yesterday, I missed my prayers,
I fight myself , jihad ul nafs isn't easier,
perhaps that's why the prophet told the sahab the hardest jihad is the struggling within,
Why oh lord couldn't we have ramadan all year around?
The peace and tranquility of salah is no longer the same,
I fear I might stumble, somewhere,
not worship you as I ought to be doing,
Ya Allah, increase your love in my heart,
help me practice placing my forehead on the floor often,
Ya Allah the demons seem to be tempting me,
every where I look I see the worldly pleasures calling me,
Demanding I take part in the haram of this dunya,
Ya Allah help me sharpen my sword of fighting the demons and jinns,
Help me sharpen the tip of my Salah, and increase the rakats of my Salah,
Help me concentrate more on my salah,
Ya Rabb alleviate my soul,
and make the day I stop performing my salah the last day I spend on this earth,
for my forehead burns me if it does not touch the floor five times a day,
my hands yearn for the Sunnah prayers,
my knees cry to bow down and pray to their lord,
my heart battles the demons to make my body perform wudu,
Ya Allah make my salah the sword I defeat the jinns with!

Halima Ali Ahmed
Copyright © 2009

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