Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sweet and sour life

Sweet like the smell of a fresh rose bud.
Sour and Sweet like skittles.
Bitter like a rotten ginger.
A slice of heaven on earth- fragrance
Beautiful like the feelings of first love.
Scary like a horror movie…
Loneliness like the old parent in homeage.
Full of misery and tears like the first heart break…
Yet full of happiness like the smile of the toothless infant…
Pure and peaceful like Diin ul Islam…
Beautiful blue sky and pretty star like my Somali flag…
Crazy like my sweetheart’s unreasonable questions…
Blissful like a day of poetry in the sea…
Illusionary like the fantasies of Hollywood.
Unbearable like a day in Afghanistan,
Injustice enforced like it is in Palestine.
Pessimistic like Somalis are about Somalia,
Stolen "Azadi [freedom]" like it is in Azad Kashmir, where freedom is stolen all the times,
Revolutionary like the words of immortal technique,
Broken trust like that of an abused child,
Bias, unfair, social injustice, social class,racism, inequality, oppression, like it is practiced in my new home..
Yet protective like my mother’s womb…

Halima A Ahmed

Copyright © 2009

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