Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love yourself!!

If you are your worst enemy,
Then how can I be your friend?
If you don’t believe the words you say,
Why should I believe you?
If you don’t think you’re beautiful
why should I recognize your “beauty”?
I cannot make the things I see
be taken by your eyes
I will not tell you pleasantries
I will not build you up
and since you love destroying you
you will not give a f**k
if you don’t want to help yourself
I will not waste my time
because no matter what I say
"no water" means "no wine"

Love yourself
till it doesn’t matter if anyone else does

And if it fails
I’ll tell you I love myself
don’t see it as stupid, conceited or insignificant
because if I love myself it means i love you
because no matter how "different" we are, WE ARE
ALL the same

Faisal Jama
Copyright © 2009

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