Sunday, October 4, 2009


Some live in a world full of denial..full of anger
full of rage and ignorance
wondering why things are the way they are
and its because they choose to do nothing about it.
I was once in those shoes and know what its like.
Some people live off the past, others live off the future
but what people need to focus on is the present

because its what you do today that will plant the seeds that determine your future. Nothing in life is ever promised.
You can't just sit back and expect things to fall on your lap
you must branch out and seek things on your own
Life is too short to be overdramatic about certain things.
So the next time you think your life is over and you can't

continue living unless your with that someone in particular, or a certain piece of clothing doesn't fit you the right way, or unhappy about the way you look, OHHH WELL.....GET OVER IT!!....!!
there are those who have real problems like HUNGER and POVERTY.
and I'm not talking about living in the projects and receiving your benefits at least if your homeless here, you can rummage through some garbage in hopes of finding food or beg for some change and eventually get it

I'm talking about being in such staggering poverty...that you don't even have garbage to rummage through for food, I'm talking about looking over your shoulder ever moment of the day for rebels ready to take you or your family hostage for a neverending war, those people wish and ONLY dream of one day being in your shoes...NOW THAT'S SOME REAL SHIT, PONDER ON THAT!!
Faisal Jama
Copyright ©2009

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