Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mother in Ogaden

I am a mother carrying the burden of the world upon her shoulders

Broken hearted at the lost of her son, my heart to far away places it sometimes wonders

When I come back to reality, I am confronted by the bitter truth

Surrounded by evil men who live to kill, I dream of freedom for my heart it will soothe

As I walk through the bush in search of water and with my child at my side

I know that evil lurks here but for my child’s sake my fear I must hide

A child orphaned by a brutal regime, and the head of this serpent grows with the loss of each life

The free world nourishes it with aid and thus contributes to our strife

I ask what the innocent child has done to be so greatly wronged.

What have fathers done to deserve to be hanged?

In this land the rain rarely falls, but rivers of blood do flow

For decades blood has poured, seeping into the ground and we wonder why fruit will not grow

Young women are often violated in my land, and with that dies their dignity

O learned men you advocate for human rights, while you know that we are living under oppression

Is your political life worth more than a human life, where is the humanity?

Why do you choose to not hear our cries, and in your meetings not even give us a mention?

To the great powers who sit among thieves and murderers

Who support rapists and their caterers

I only ask for what is rightfully ours

To be able to live without fear for a few hours

For justice and freedom

To be rightful owners of our kingdom


Copyright ©2009

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  1. Beautiful poem that touches the heart! Thank you Ms. Asha for recognizing th plight of Ogaden Somali people and sharing feeling with the world. May Allah blessed you. Freedom will prevail soon and people of Ogaden will have a test of peace and prosperity Iinsha'Allah.