Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Monster within

Every now and then,
I encounter the half faced monster,
Who whispers the temptations of pleasure,
Of indulging my soul through ways my creator has forbidden,
He whispers, “it’s only one time”
No biggie,
Do it, they do it to afterall
He whispers words of comfort,
Words that are convincingly convincing,
Words that will derive my soul from the path of Allah Ta’aal,
I run the risk of abandoning my haya,
My modesty,
My iman,
And self respect,
The half faced monster talks of pleasures of the dunya,
Do it while your young, repent when you get older,
Perhaps go to hajj when you get older, after all going to hajj wipes out all your previous sins, no?
But have fun now….
I take the path of destruction,
Of living the concept that one can do everything good, bad and ugly while they are while young,
While reserving old age for repentance,
But didn’t the prophet say take advantage of five before five?
Your youth before old age: Who knows tomorrow will come?
Health before sickness: how can one repent for their sins if they lose the ability to take care of themselves?
Wealth before poverty: How can the reserved plan of going to hajj work if there is no money?
Free time before busyness: Old age comes with responsibilities
Life before death: Allah Ta’aal could make this your last minute…second..
The monster whispers us to do things the prophet warned us about,
Yet we seem to be worshiping the shaitan rather than our own Creator, sustainer, Allah Ta’aal…
why have we become so weak in terms of our iman?
In terms of workshiping Allah Ta'aal?
In terms of protecting our deen in our hearts, mind, and body?

Halima A Ahmed
Copyright ©2009

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