Saturday, November 21, 2009

1960: Kun Sagaal Boqol iyo Lixdankii

1960, we got liberation
2009, we have no nation
I said, 1960, we earned our freedom
2009, we are dying and bleeding
1960, Somalia was rising
2009, we are barely surviving
1960, we were the center for commerce
But 2009, we are the nucleus of a curse
1960, we escaped oppression and hate
2009, we are oppressing and hating our own state
1960, our nation was born
But 2009, our nation is torn.

Isn’t it sad that in 1960 we were one
And in 2009, we are none?
In 19SIXTY, we had a fruitful country
Instead 2009, beneath the surface of a great civilization
Laid dreams of material aspirations
That turned into anger and frustration between
People of one nation, one creed of Islamic denomination
We are dying of starvation and manipulation that can be
Controlled but we are told the opposite, wrapped away and tossed in
A black hole.

In 2009, we are in that black hole of hunger, a cold-blooded
Massacre with innocent civilians who have no answer to their situation instead Raise their head to the sky and pray to the Almighty High to take away this cancer. This cancer turned us into a devastation like a hurricane that left a trail Of disaster that we can no longer inhale.

1960 was the birth of our nation
2009 we want a nation
And now its up to us to reseed a revolution
Side by side, hand in hand to fight this self-destruction
To become that great dynasty once more

Sahra Bashir
Copyright © 2009

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