Saturday, November 21, 2009

Silence is what they preferred us to be!!!

Silence is the truth that won’t come out; living in a lie the truth won’t speak out
Within my eyes they are silent
Within my mouth the words blocked out
The words are ignored; silence is what they prefer it to be
And when we say we believe in God, it’s like it was never heard
When the lie is spoken out, clearly our words, opinions are hidden in this secret box

Silence is what they prefer it to be, for us to cry at night with no sound,
to act like we have no desire to be heard but silence is what they prefer us to be.
And they want us to take the quite bullet to take our life,
silence of death is what many of the ummah take,
making a silent pray I haven’t heard a Imam recite the prayer for awhile,
and to think it was a silent kidnapping,
and to his choice that he knew than he had nothing to lose,
but although it wasn’t heard on the news, silence is what they prefer it to be.

Pain is what my Somali people have gain, never have they felt the love to the heart and to this generation they have learnt to hate, seeing now history to repeat again, and our elders before kept it to themselves they knew the sorrow war of the future was to come, but silence is what they preferred it to be, for their selfish need.

Tears of the people dried out wiped out, the drop of a fall must be as quite then a tear drop falling, many lives died out, yet we are to keep it hushed, silence is what they want us to be, seeing my people die with the hope they are looking for, is taking away from them, wishing they kept it strong in faith with Allah (swt).

And the hardest times are to come soon, surely we have all known,
to keep it quite kindly speak out to every believer
remembering our voices are heard from a wire,
from a far, surely now it would be wiser to be speaking in a riddle,
they all know, but silence is what I’ll choose to not be,
and until I’ll scream and say it clear,
to win all for justice we were promised victory ,
and may it be, that day is soon to come,
but they choose to not believe, keeping it silence is what they want it to be.

Forced down with the invisible duck tape, having what I believe label on my forehead, and to the truth would be silence, until the truth would be spoken out, layered out for many people to read the true words of Allah is what they will see, but yet again this is to come, my words are shut down, silence is what they preferred us to be. In sorrow and misery silence is what we will be for the time being. Silence is what they preferred us to be.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2009

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