Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Although you were conceived in violence,
You are the definition of peace.
Though your father and I are Somali, you are half Portuguese.
There may come a day when your told that you do not belong.
My child I need you to stay strong for they are wrong.
You are the right birthed from the wrong.
My hope and future since the cradle song.
Although this journey has had it's pains.
I have no regret that my blood runs through your veins.
So these unwanted notions do not even entertain.
A world of darkness, overshadowed by a life time of your light.
Once a blind place, now blessed with your sight.
You are the example of a second chance.
Now my child you must lead the dance.
You must be the image you want to see.
Help others heal so that they maybe free.
Justices requires someone to take a stand.
We must never let the violence and the inequality expand.
For you are one to know its effects first hand.
Now go with the marching band.
Have no fear you will be great.
You were destined to be by fate.
After all, you were consummated by my inner peace.
And you will always be my master piece.

Hayat Magan

Copyright © 2009

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