Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Unknown Poem

1400 years ago you were established
With your arrival all form of hesitation vanished
But today you are battered and bruised
For all the killings it is you they have accused
Your pure name they verbally have abused
Just yesterday I saw you in the news
They said they had found another scandal and were handing out clues

Claiming that you're always the violent one
Label you a fundamentalist, because in the face of oppression you refuse to be the silent one
But you didn’t invent the sword nor the gun
And that you are old and to extreme
Always planning a fowl scheme
So that they can dirty up your name
After 9/11 it was clear, you were to blame
London, Madrid and it was slowly turning in to a guessing game.

The world started to look dreary
Nobody wanted to open there eyes and see it clearly
That when the towers got hit
Aint nobody said shit
About the 4000 Jews
That were at home watching the news
That should've been working as well
When the towers crumbled and fell
Israel got America under a spell
Falsehood is slowly crawling out of its shell..

But what if they would see your true colors
That you are so much different from others
You surely are rare and unique
You hate those who oppress the weak
And you purify human behaviour
You came to us as a clear saviour
You honour those who are pious and humble
You hate arrogance and gladly watch it crumble
You provide the masses with a pair of glasses

So that they may see your full extent
That you're without confusion and always evident
How can they say you're wrong when I witness your miracles all around?
Your knowledge is beyond our comprehension so logical and profound
Causing the least bit of harm
Soothing the heart and making us calm
See, the one am talking about is

..... take a guess.

Ismail Mohamed '' Ismaciil Boqorka Bosaso''
Copyright © 2009

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