Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crying Tears

When you realise Allah’s blessings are upon you, your soul will be filled with gratefulness to the almighty Allah.

There are something’s in life that we do not want to let go. A great example of this is when we lose someone whom we cherish and hold close to our hearts; we easily break down and cry, for our weakness suddenly takes control of our emotions. But this pain is unconditional, indescribable, and is unable to mend and you start to witnesses that your heart is able break apart emotionally.

Sometimes we try to run away from the truth, only to realise that it still exists when you’ve overcome your grief. And, yes we still may not want to believe it, and you could say yes “I don’t want to believe it because the pain is unbearable.”

At times we lose our own conscious and our hope and as a result we forget what we living for because it is no longer worth fighting for. Everything matters less; because emotions overtake you thus you no longer are at the right state of mind as everything started losing meaning.

Allah, most merciful and most kind will take out one thing from your life only to give room to something else that is more beneficiary to your life.

God only allows something’s in life only to see if you would eventually mend or break apart, and you break easily, this could cause you to lose any faith you’ve ever had for you would let the pain get in the way of a brighter day yet to come.

Let me share something with you...
Everything that is good doesn’t have a price tag on it, nor is it made of gold, because it can easily be owned by you, there is a famous quote “best things in life are free”. Yes the simple things in life are free, but this means that you need to trade your self-esteem, your pride and most treasured possession in order for this to be yours. For no amount of money measure up to your inner peace and the beauty that over shines on you.

"We are writing our life’s in pen and unfortunately can’t erase the mistakes we make so it’s another lesson learnt."

Ahmeddey Hassan
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