Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What will you take...

If you don't take my heart
Then what will you take?
What will you break?
If you don't speak my mind
Then what will I find?
Only that I'm left behind
Tell me,what I tell you
So I can feel the way you do
Words come easily
But speech fail me
Right words to be chose
Love sentiments come to a close
Another love sculpture to mold
Into a fine piece of art,neither silver nor gold.
But in stone clay.
One which floats,where waters turn from blue to gray.
A floating love stone,
That glides the rough waters when gently thrown.
Then sinks to the bottom where waters ran still.
Like your emotions that you conceal.
You hide what you feel.
I seek,what I will.
And if there are written,
I will find where there are hidden.

Nada Mohamed
Copyright ©2008

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