Wednesday, November 11, 2009

me vs ME

Then life was for



Partying and hanging out

Life then was all about the MOMENT

Happiness was to be exclusively acquired for NOW

Who knew tomorrow would come

Life was much or less like a drug then

The rush and excitement of few minutes

Overshadowed the importance of life..

Then my life was a small “me” that was

Confided in a small

Miniature me!

A me that was far for being the REAL me!

Today’s ME however has survived the miniature me

Of the past

Today’s ME is much more stronger


And happier then the me of the past

The ME today is contended with life

With Allah Ta’aal

With the mistakes of the past

And with the ME within the ME

The ME of today, unlike the me of the past, can stare in the mirror for long time

Without any guilty of ugly soul

The ME of today loves the ME of today

This ME understands the immortal being

And that our abode is not this earth

The ME today knows that we don’t live for mini moments,

Like miniatures do,

But we make moments,

Gigantic moments,

To last us a memory of life time

as the Prophet peace be upon him said

'Behave in your earthly life as if you were to live eternally;

and in your life in the Hereafter as if you were to die tomorrow.

This is the real ME!

Halima Ahmed

Copyright ©2009

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