Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dedication To The Women We Love...

I would like to take this very moment to thank you for all that you have done for me. I’m sincerely grateful to you with all my heart; you have truly been an inspiration to me.

You always spoke politely with words that were inspiration
I didn’t believe in myself that I could achieve all that I have desired for in life, sometimes I thought dreams were fantasies. You came along like wisdom into my life. You taught me to be amongst the greatest is to believe within yourself. I believed people like me never would be in good position in life. You truly believed in me and gave me an opportunity to establish myself.

You have this magical affect that motives me……

Here’s my dedication to you....

"I make Allah my witness that I do love you for the sake of Allah."

To The Woman I Adore, and Love...
The absence of your love is like missing a heartbeat,
Your love I treasure, adore, the woman I love,
A great source of inspiration you have been.
You have been a great blessing to me, may Allah be pleased with you.

Whenever I think of the epitome of a black queen, you are the first on my mind,
How do I say I love you, when my heart beats for you,
My love for you is unconditional, you comfort my heart.
Amazingly beautiful you are, I deeply love you.

You were the only one who had my heart when I was infant,
Your love is beyond love itself,
You are a secret treasure I adore within my heart.
A love like yours could never be measured,
I am ever grateful to receive such kind of love,
I always wondered how forever felt with you I find that feeling of forever.

You tough me the values of love and deeper affection,
And to be a great lover of the heart,
Explaining your love is unconditional...

That person is you Mother...

You struggled in every way possible raising us.
I recall the more struggles we faced, the more we were together as family,
Some conditions were just indescribable.
But yet a moment of joy was the feeling of a lifetime...

"O my Lord give mercy to my parents the way they gave mercy to me when I was a child."

This is a dedication to all the beloved mothers out there, and is a symbol of kindness towards our mothers and showing our affection of love to them. Even though some mothers won’t be able to read the English Language, but inshAllah may Allah accept our appreciation towards our mothers for he only knows what’s in our hearts...

Ahmeddeey Maba Shiixaayo

Copyright ©2009

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