Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And with my eyes I blind you!!

Just when I felt sorry for you, when I blamed myself for everything
I hope you know from a far I’m haunting you sending you the worst pain
When I had no answers? But I always yet always fell for your lies
I hope you know the pain my heart is connected with you that you can’t breath

Words can’t describe my hate so I hope I’m able to make you feel it so you can understand this twist
My riddle isn’t at all hard to pick up on, wishing you woken up long ago
But now that I couldn’t careless that I don’t need you but before I needed you so

When you feel like you’re hitting the ground this unbearable pain I hope you’re screaming and calling my name and the one who sends the pain says the regards are from me.

Even though I’m close to becoming you, even though I don’t want to, but I hate you.
So I’m bound to kill you with my words, my heart is carrying burning fire and you sweat with the guilt feeling the heat.

Is it too late to tell you to wake up, seeing as though you’re pretty useless for any human being?
From every scar I have I know you cursed me from the day I was born, and now that karma is sure is a bitch feel free to have every single cut on your body.

I will go somewhere in life and you can’t stop me, I will become a something and help you and your family, you won’t be the loved ones that I help but the sake of Allah I’ll gladly help the charity.
Many secrets that I learned this year and to another fact I’ll never believe you again, do I look stupid to you? I’m not your child you can’t even do your job right.

This isn’t a chain letter where you should share this letter, be careful now you don’t want anyone else to know you gave such heart ache to one or too many.
With my killer words I shall write it may they appear on your skin, reading for word for word, Hello there it’s me.

Even this is what I wish to happen but this is the Devils words maybe mines because I’m so angry but I don’t know how long It would take to forgive you, and I think now I should otherwise I’ll be just like you, Allhumduallah I don’t need you because surprisingly you need me.

But at the mean time you’re feeling my pain and that it should be eating you away,
the message that you would get from the sender says the regards are from me,
knowing you understand this twist picking up with the riddle of my words, surely you should have known “with my eyes I’m blinding you”.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed

Copyright ©2008

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