Sunday, November 1, 2009

. . . Collision of clans . . .

We were divided into clans so we can expand
…as massive families.
Then join together like pieces of a puzzle.
Connecting and sharing land
But our future has no picture.
How can we put blank pieces together?
If we as people could never
Live as one
Due to the lies and deceiving morals
Of the men behind the guns
How can I demolish qabil without forgetting my forefathers legacies
Blaming my generation for the upcoming kids losing their history
But what’s left to be seen
They say nothing,
Next generations have nothing left to forget but their deen.
But all this
…has already been done
Sad enough this story has occurred and was told before my life had even begun.
So stop blaming me because this is howt I feel
It’s your teachings and actions that are guiding me away from Qabil
You keep telling me "his clan can’t stand my father’s
Therefore as long as he should live
That man won’t marry his daughter"
But it’s time we get this in order…
I shall not live under your resentful commands
For your generation wouldn’t even lend each other a hand
Because of this concept you call clans
He and I are the same
We share a common ground
And I will proudly wear his surname
Flaunting my ring all around.

Su'ad Doore
Copyright © 2009

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