Sunday, November 1, 2009


The car stalled… as a pedestrian passes,
4 o’clock in the morning,
Harlem awake…clings of the shot glasses
I remain on the curb as I observe Malcolm X Blvd.

The Harlem streets occupied with souls that consume liquor
Thoughts began to flow,
As 7th avenue fills with hookers and hoes,
Bodies exposed, females asking for more trouble and woes.

My pureness tainted with the image of sins,
I redirect my eyes to the peacefulness
Part of the city.

Where the sound of jazz cluttered the street,
As I took a peak,
Not only young folks but now the elderly,
Is this the dream?

Alcohol & drugs take over the Harlem scene.
I stood where Malcolm X planted his feet,
I took it upon myself to see where the Black Panther’s would meet.

But I felt remorse; I glanced around and saw nothing.
No change, what others fought for, still remained.
Only difference…technology has changed,
And made it quicker for the Harlem man to receive his money in exchange for drugs.

Su'ad Doore
Copyright © 2009

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