Tuesday, November 3, 2009

War meals

Editor's note: This poem is written by Gideon Chumo, teacher in Mogadishu University. He has been teaching English and literature in MU since 2006. It certainly takes a strong passion and love for teaching for anyone to have the courage to teach in a country like Somalia. We, at the Somalia-TNP, salute Mr. Chumo for educating our brothers and sisters back home. May Allah Ta'aal bless him immensely.

At breakfast
The children ate bullets
Fired from the mouths
Of their fathers...

At lunch
Time-bombs hidden
In the breasts
Of their mothers...

At supper
They licked blood
From the wounds of other children...
But, where is the milk?
They asked
And no one
Could answer.

Gideon Chumo
Copyright ©2008

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