Sunday, November 1, 2009


The beginning of each word is the same- Poetry. Its just in different languages.

Poetry is my weapon
to fight the evil thoughts
in my head
and to move on in life
from the past experiences
and to rejoice the
beauty of life

Gabay for me
Is a means to express
My depth love for
My loved ones
And appreciate the beauty of
My Somalinimo
It’s the means through
Which I ensure
My hope
For a greater Somalia STAYS ALIVE!

कविताis my special
way of celebrating
languages and cultures
of understanding “the other”
and of
learning to be a tolerant

الشعرis embracing all that
I am
All that I was
And all that
I will be, InshAllah

mashairi is all about
learning the value of friends,
appreciate life,
enjoying it
and inhaling the beauty of it,
while exhale the ugly part of it

поезия is the only way
I remain certain
that our humane side
shall prevail our evil side!

is my way of understanding
The complexity of
And its secret codes

שירה is my way
Of dwelling
My soul in
The land of my ancestries
And reclaim our identity
As the Nation of Poets!

Poesía is my way of celebrating
This day of us
And our undying love
And our passion
And our future
And you!

Halima Ahmed

Copyright ©2009

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