Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Moments Silence

I am from the Murder Capitol
Where we murder for Capital
I am from the land where war never forgot
Tell me how can we forget
Memories is all I have left
Muqdisho, Kismaayo and Boosaaso
We will never forget
Beledweyne, Galkacyo and Baydhabo
We will never forget
We are the true spirit of Africa
The Land situated in The Horn of Africa
Nugaal, Sool and Sanaag
We will never forget
Hargeysa, Dhuuso Mareeb and Jowhar
We will never forget
A land where the activists are contaminated by the backward thinking
Where every step we take forward
We take two backwards
A place where right or wrong is neither here nor there
A terra firma where who he wants peace is Executed
A land where peace is mysterious
Where the Warlords rule in civil unrest
While Al-Shabaab bombards the rest
The West claim Somalis are pirates
I say they are the real pie and rats
Obama said change would come
Somalia awaits that change
19 years and counting
Some have lost count
A ground where no one is held in to account
Our land is devastated
Our elders are in grief
The youth dejected
And our children in hopelessness
The leaders have misguided the nation
I wait the day when we will once again be a true nation
They say talk is cheap
That is what our leaders are the subject of
Blood have been shed in large quantities
Tears have been shed in bucket loads
And lives have been lost in the millions
While we sit here counting our millions
Here I sit in Christchurch powerless
Where Christ-Worshipers and Churches surround me
My heart and emotions frozen with sadness
While my hands and toes are frozen in coldness
Where all I do is dream
Dream of the day Somali will be one
The day qabiil will be used in the past tense
The day when class and hierarchy will be eradicated
I pray for the day we will not have foreign influence
The day the only influence we will need is we
I call upon the day when I can have a Somali passport
So I can get a pass to each port the globe has to proffer
I pray for the day our nation stands on its two feet
The day two wrongs will not make a right
I in spite the days our reality are only mere dreams
Rather I pray for the day when our dreams will become overwhelming realities


Liban Elmi (aka Elatro Apache II)
Copyright ©2009

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