Sunday, November 1, 2009


In the year 1990 I was born
From the womb
Left my hollow tomb
And entered the world
The son of a beautiful Girl


I couldn’t be more proud to be your son
I think of all the things ive done
Through out the years
Caused u so many tears
Instead of listening to u I wanted to hang with all my peers
I remember how I used to lie
And how I used to make u cry

But u always prayed
That I never strayed
From the righteous path
And never awake Allah’s wrath

For u I put my life on the line
Like a ray of light u always shine
With u as my momma I know amma be just fine
Hooyo rest your weary mind
Cuz whenever I feel pressure and heat
You’re always my loyal retreat
No woman could ever compete
Heaven?, I find it under mommas feet

And I knew
I could always count on u
U always stayed true
U gave me advice
Always told me to think twice

And never get caught up with the authority
That we were a minority
Within a majority

U made me remember
That I was still a member
Of the Muslim community
Never let my anger become the best of me
Be kind to those who are weak
And to think before I speak
Pray my salaats on time
Cuz aint nothing promised in this life of mine

To never be greedy
Always give to the needy
To engage in charity
Hooyo I love u more than my hearts capacity
The love I feel for u only Allah can measure
Hooyo you’re my everlasting treasure

Ismail Mohamed '' AKA Ismaciil Boqorka Bosaso''
Copyright © 2009

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