Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Isn't this just a beautiful poem?

How hard to be apart!
From a soul that I love!
Leaving me here and depart!
With all that meaning of love!

How touching to be afar!
Without the reach of a car!
From my dear wife Deeqa,
Like her are few in Somalia.

How bitter to be alone and sleep!
In the world of dream to weep!
Waving at a distant love!
In return leading to love!

In Khartoum, she was with me,
Comforting and caring me,
In London, I will be with her,
Osculating and admiring her.

It was October that we met,
In the bond of marriage net,
Smiling at me with love,
And awarding her with above.

Thy life is dear and mine,
And my heart is gift and thine,
I love you Deeqa, but thee!
That is an oath for you to see.

Look how gentle Deeqa is!
Attired in beauty she,
Ambulating in the shower of peace,
Slim and cute in building is she.

However dark at night,
Without view and sight,
I see her like a light,
In hue she is so bright.

Her love is in my blood!
In the bones and heart!
Streams deep in the marrow!
As she tasted and will know!

When all are still,
And the dawn is until,
I behold her in the sky,
With the love of my eye.

When she walks with me,
Like the ooze of an autumnal smell,
Or nectar of a bud in June to bee,
I inhale the aroma and smell.

So sweet so, so and so!
So sweet to see her again!
Sweeter to join her in life!
Sweetest to live with her in love.

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

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