Monday, December 7, 2009

I speaks Somali

Note: glossary at the bottom..

I’m not from Woqooyi or Bari,
Neither Koonfur nor Galbeed
My blood never knew slavery
So fuck what 50 Cent said
I’m not a ni99a…

I’m not a ganja-puffing Rasta
Even if I do braid my dreads
Neither will I be an anarchist
If I choose to shave my head

I don’t fit any label,
Other than my own.
So leave me alone,
And don’t throw me a bone
From the scraps on your table.

I’m not a lost cause whose history was uprooted
And don’t you ever even think I’m self-deluded.
Coz I know what I am, who I am…
And that’s me.
A mother-fucking Somali..
Skinny as fuck,
Got a swagger that I strut.
King of my city I put on for, but it aint Harlem,
Brooklyn, ATL, or any of those whatcha-ma-callem..
Xamar’s the name, can you say it? ‘Xa’ as in

I speaks Somali like Eminem rhymes English

Perfect time and flow, go fast go slow
Rollercoaster, go up high then drop you low
Feel the rhythm, baby? I call it “spine-tinglish”

Check it out:

“ Sawt-kaan aqaanaa soomali weeyoo
Sinjigayga dhalashadu soomali weeyoo
Samayskayga aadame soomali weeyoo
Ruuxaan salaamaa soomali weeyoo
Sad waxaan la quutaa soomali weeyoo
Saaxiib waxaan nahay soomali weeyoo
Gogoshaan ku seexdaa soomali weeyoo
Cagta meeshaan saaraa soomali weeyoo
Jirka meesha la isaro soomali weeyoo
Somali baan ahey, sarrif kuma galaayoo”

- Abwaan Jaamac Kediye Cilmi

Woqooyi, Bari, Koonfur and Galbeed are the Somali cardinal directions (North, East, South, and West, respectively).
That last verse is borrowed from a Somali poet.. he's basically expressing all the various ways he reps Somalia.. from his voice, to his birth certificate, his physical features, the people he hangs out with, the bed he sleeps on, the ground he walks on, and even the blood he bleeds is pure Somali.

Khalid M
Copyright © 2009

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