Monday, December 7, 2009


Editor's note: In the memory of those who lost their lives on 12/03. May Allah Ta'aal grant them all jannahs, and hold accountable those who live to brutalize the lives of innocent people.

What a terrible scene!
Lost nation's loss!
Catastrophe was what I've seen!
Heinous terrorist was the cause!

How painful to see such a tragedy!
While the country is in disasters!
Due to lack of national dignity!
As a result of brutal leaders!

The culled cadres were doctors!
With their students and nation!
As well as high calibre professors!
Clapping for the graduation!

Oh the decapitated intellectuals!
In sorrow I mourn over your death!
In anguish I attend your funeral!
In throes I am in the heath!

Every patriotic heart is broken!
By the bad news of your fall!
Through it the wound is broaden!
All in one and one with all but all!

To the people you were light!
Fighting against ignorance!
In doing that you were right!
May God reward you with acceptance!

Impossible to the sense of civilisation!
And acceptable to the heart of the notorious killers!
Those are maiming peace under the pretext of religion!
With the meaningless aim of blackmail and collusion!

If Hamblin Garland wrote "Under the lion's paw",
I am writing to the world that Somalia is under the terrorist's jaw!
That is ague to our global stability and law!
And cutting the heads of innocent mothers with their cruel jigsaw!

Be alert my dear and dear civilians!
And protest against terrorism!
Because of it we lost noted politicians!
It is real worse than tribalism!

Tilt not your heads!
In fear of the novel!
Fold not your hands!
Do the best of your level!

Can we relinquish our pride to the culprits?!
Waiting for them to finish us in our home!
No them to vanquish us with bomb!
That is shame on us to the boom!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2009

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