Monday, December 7, 2009


I cheated death
As many times as I cheated on my math homework.
And I cheated on you
Not being aware that I was cheating on me.

Growing up
I lied so boldly to my mothers face
Time and time again.
Yet so naively you believed my words
On how I despised liars.

I talked the talk that you talking.
And I walked more than a mile
In the shoes you're wearing.

This time you F**ed up!
And that time I F**ed up!

I loved you, and you hated me.
And I hated you, and you loved me.
Time and time again, I am somewhere between
Loving you and hating you again.

I love once.
I love hard.
Yet when it's over, I never look back.

You're backward, while I continue moving forward.
I can't stop time.
I can't hold it still.
Nor can I rewind it.

Watching you now,
Is like watching me then.

I guess everyone has their time.
I just hope you still have time.
Because time is the one thing I can't give you.
For time isn't mine to give.

Hayat Magan a.k.a Twisted Elegance

Copyright © 2009

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