Monday, January 18, 2010


The world is full of war and wonders!
Peace died at the hands of the killers!
Prime lives are lost now and then;
Sisters cry and mourn for their brethren;

Oh the peace-loving brothers!
Ah the troublesome war-mongers!
I hate he who hates peace!
I love he who loves peace!

Look at the violation of human rights!
And say NO to all kinds of African plights;
Let us not forget Ogaden condition,
Let us cry for the troubled people in that region;

Ogaden is a big and bleeding wound,
A bleeding wound in the heart of the Horn of Africa,
Many lives are maimed and lost there,
But the world is ignoring or unaware!

Where are the African peace-builders?
Where are the continent's Nobel Peace Prize winners?
Hurry up please Nelson Mandela!
And mediate Ogaden and Ethiopia;

It is so long that girls are raped!
It is so long that heroes are killed!
It is so long that guns are fired!
It is so long that wounds are widened!

I weep for the African brothers and sisters,
Both Ethiopians and Ogadenians,
That lost their fathers and siblings;
Ogaden is an all-ignored African-Palestine!

I am an African peace-instructor,
I am an African trouble-shooter,
I am an African war-eradicator,
I am an African life-protector;

I am the brain-child of peace,
I am brother to peace and cooperation,
I was born at consideration,
And brought up at devastation;

My heart is burning!
My blood is boiling!
I like to see Africa at peace,
I yearn for Africa's stability;

World is at terror!
Africa is at turmoil!
Somalia is at negation!
Ogaden is at oppression!

I am a neutral writer,
A central solicitor;
An African trouble-analyst;
A born author and pan-Africanist;

I will phew as long as women are at risk!
I will whew as long as the world is at danger!
I will oppose as long as corruption is in Africa!
I will campaign as long as peace is at my reach!

I am here to erase racial discrimination!
I am here to criticise aggression!
I am here to call for war elimination!
I am here to compose songs of peace and love!
Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)

Copyright ©2010

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