Monday, January 18, 2010


I have witnessed the completion of perfection,
I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as you are,
The pure innocence of your presence melts my heart,
Forever I have been waiting for this very moment,
Truly you’re beautiful like the sun; brighten the night like the stars,

You’re like an exotic creature I never came across before,
With such sensation movements,
Floating across the ground with grace,
Truly essence is like a trap I can’t escape from,
Forever I want to fall in love with you…

Through your smile I the brightest of life,
And in your eyes I see the missing pieces,
You’re my every aspect of life a spot you fill,
You’re my surrounding beautification,
I will never get tired of looking at you.

My only addiction is you,
No matter the distances between us, my feeling for you is indescribable,
You’re my eternal queen and I’m your king,
I must confess the effect you’ve on my infant heart,
I could forever tell you the feeling I’ve for you,
But there is no amount of love to fulfill the love I get from you…

Ahmeddey Maba Shiixaayo
Copyright © 2010

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