Saturday, January 30, 2010

A country

A country blinded by hate
Crippled by ignorance and violence we can’t scrape
Held hostage by the darkness in its peoples heart
A country where war is the only peace
Its people fallen victim to a tribal disease
A country where the sound of the gun silences the cries of the young
A country plagued by a curse
Where past deeds change the present for the worse
a country where mistakes are repeated and lessons never learned
Dreams of tranquility and happiness shattered
A country where the present is a nightmare and the future is a fantasy
A country in which u will never dare to dream
As u will only be awakened by a scream
A country where there is only pain but no gain
A country so divided yet inhabited by the same ethnic group
A country where the young try to love when they are only taught to hate
A country that is filled with sorrow and despair
A country that bleeds from a wound that only gets deeper
A country whose last hope is those of us outside of it
A country in the horn of Africa known as Somalia is suffering and may Allah ease its pain and suffering

Ismail Hassan
Copyright © 2010

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