Sunday, January 31, 2010

Manic State Of Mind

I thought I could handle your manic state of mind
But secretly inside I can’t help
to feel the gut of knowing that I was used
Emotionally embarrassed
and I can’t help to put myself down
Drowning thoughts I wish to delete
My fears I wish to defeat
Holding on to pointless memories
Faces I wish to never see
Two sides of faces, in a form of one

If only the mirror could now give the answers
Looking through your reflection
Are you seeing your breaking in agony?
Tormenting yourself and your worst enemy is you
And no one else

How come than I didn’t realize you was my enemy
Throwing insults at me, were secretly at your self
Our bickering and hate has done nothing more
But to let the cancer grow underneath our skin
And to see the sickness swimming through of our veins
But a feeling we’ll always recognise
Darkness is our friend in the game
Trickery mind games oh how you love to play

But I hope you weren’t taking me off not being the brightest
Surely you didn’t know
I’m a charmer and whatever stroked your ego
Made you sleep sweetly at night
Although I wasn’t the wiser one between us
You’re the mistake I’ll never make again
May a sweet cut put a sweet ending to this story?
A river of red water, maybe the worry and stress will than drain out of you and me.

Maybe hollowness will then disappear.
We’ve been keeping a false reality in fading thoughts.
It’s a habit that I make falling to
the arms of one who’ll never love me
This can’t be it that misery loves company only
Even though we are both lonely

Seeing ourselves through the eyes of another
It’s your manic state of mind which cannot be defined
You’re a lying victim, and I am the innocent of satanic mind
But to only wonder of a blurry new start, to keep on wondering if I’ll find my other half, and to the other half of my success,
I wish you all the best
Although it’s only wondering of a blurry mind,
and the words are too hard to find.
Manic state of both minds, oh, how we are so alike.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright ©2010

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