Monday, February 1, 2010

One last kiss

On the night I came into this world, I never saw your eyes
You where entwined in the life you so honesty devoted yourself too
and I, merely wanted....daddy home, to meet and sense his warmth.

I never knew love the way you loved me,
tender, gentle, harsh, stern, honest, and clear.
There are many nights, I despised you, for being difficult,
Little did I know, it was I.

And now, a day and a half, before you went to Allah,
Your voice still gentle, filled with loving advice,
As if you knew, and hurt for me, that there was not going to be one last kiss from me
And it came, that voice, I wanted to hear, was not yours, there was a silence in my heart,
a cold fear, shattering anger, bewildering tears strolled down my eyes
Then I heard this gentle voice, in my dream, that said
"Until we meet Abee, farewell, remember, you are my love, and little baby, and I will always be near you, but from afar"

May heaven receive you daddy, and everyone with warm arms.

Fatima J
Copyright © 2010

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