Friday, January 22, 2010

Hollow of despair

And the kindness I give,
why must you treat me like a fool.
Knowing the feelings I have are longing for you,
falling for you deeply
drowning in the rain,
and how come you do not remember me nor my name?

See our hearts aren’t alike,
With words you profess you like me, but with your actions I see something else.
I don’t think you want me,
I just think I’m the nearest thing to loving.
You never want to be alone.

So the comfort of having something makes you feel much more of a man.
Do I have any meaning to you at all?
See I knew you were using me.
I was just agreeable of you giving me the pain,
Instead I Confused it of being loved.
Above all this, I turn back again.

I want you to know settle for what you want not for good enough.
Seeing that the night sky hasn’t changed,
flickering stars I wish to touch.
That my tears are gone,
there aren’t any left to share.
So spare me and my feelings, before I break into sorrow and despair.

See it isn’t fair, so I want somebody to love,
and is this love to far to feel.
And you and I are close,
so why the bond can’t be just being as close.
I’m difficult I know, but the secrets left with me should never be told.

And it would be nice if you tolerated my worst flaws,
because I’ve learnt to like yours.
I want you to tell me that things would be alright,
be the guarder of the darkness nights.
For the kisses to be longed remembered,
sweetness will be sweeter than ever.

I want you to be mine. And I want to feel that you want me to,
to not feel like an object of being used.
Feeling worthless, useless and clueless little fool...
So you don’t believe in love, so why have you got a grip on me.
Let me go if there isn’t more, between us. If it’s just lust.
I don’t want to be the type who would fuss,
Because I don’t want nothing more, other than you

May the rose’s thorns cut, and let it flow,
for the pain to be the loving pain.
I want to run away, to the sea of the flowing emotion,
listening clearly, there may not be a tomorrow.

Seeing sun setting,
resting on the sand and the coldness of the wind whispers that I’m alone, watching the sun disappear may it take me so I could disappear?
To reappear to the same night. For the first kiss

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright ©2010

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