Friday, January 22, 2010


It was yesterday in the evening,
That I went to laboratory of love,
Oh Deeqa! The result showed that
The love which burnt my heart,
Proliferated five times more than then!

If it is in its fullest gestation,
And the stamp of love is on it
That was engraved on by our hearts,
Thanks to the Almighty Creator;
Darling may you live with dignity.

You are my shin and my arm!
And my Sham-from soul-mate!
The one that I chose and satisfied the sight!
Dear, don't suspect of me that for
Falling in love with another lady,
And flirting with women for affairs!

My soul is in comfort with thee,
I am your partner in love,
Your share-holder in life,
I will never put thee in problem!
Neither in plight nor flabbergast thee!
I whisper to thee in love that
You are the wheels my life revolves on!

However far you are from me,
I still see your silhouette,
Through the power of my vision,
And via the screen of my iris,
I ask the smell-carrying air and birds,
To take words of emotion to thee!

My life lights kindle of love
For thee my soul-mate,
Blue light of love Honey,
Forever in calculation of love,
In dream I chat with thee!
Salute thee with poetry!
And frown on other ladies!

Accept not the cheap speculations,
The rumours architected by women!
Bear in mind the man in reins of love with thee
Has a knighthood of love with and for thee!
Dear Deeqa, don't pollute him with the said!
Be and behave as you are the wife of a poet!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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