Saturday, January 23, 2010


Ammi, Madre, Mama, this is for you Hooyo,
For you we’ll always be so loyal.
Even though you are a Queen, you’re more than royal.
You have done everything to make us the best, your hard work I won’t spoil.
My love for you goes deeper than the earth’s soil, and richer than its oil…..
Oh, the days have come and gone, and the time has flown.
From youth hood to adulthood, you are all we have known.
Your children are now grown, and almost all on their own.
You gave us the freedom to roam as long as we did not do things you would not condone,
If we have hooyo, we will sure soon atone.
Still we leave you not alone,
Your phone is still labeled Home - to show that we still acknowledge your throne.
Your closer to us than our bone, in our hearts you are sewn.
Words can’t describe you, not even thousands of poems.

Hashim S.

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