Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hopeless Poem

My everlasting desire and wish
We don’t even know who we are anymore, how did it come to this ?
Unaware of our identity so confused and lost
Trying to regain our minds no matter what the cost
Our role models equal broken bottles
Our role models be working at our local McDonalds
and the year maybe 2010
But for us Somalis its still ''wax isii ,wax keen''

Following the same path as our elders
Even though they be lost street dwellers
Growing up in these hard times
Waking up in the morning thinking where the day went'
Momma still struggling in paying the rent
And some be evicted
The most desperate of us, be convicted

An outcast in this harsh land
If only someone would take a stand
Show us a way we can follow
Our future looks empty and hollow
Behind every corner lies a trap just waiting for someone to swallow
We ain’t even looking forward to tomorrow
All of our elders failed us

Look at our condition, what went wrong
Relying on our sacred religion, trying to stay strong
we speak their language but still we don’t belong
Claiming we’re useless, we dare them to supply us with the proper tools
And I guarantee we’ll make scientists out of common fools

They say home is where the heart is
If so, that plane has gone and departed
So many of my friends have martyred
Looking for other options , even though they ain’t plenty
A generation rose of mtv and play station
Up to no good, hanging around central station
And in our daily frustration
We shout '' we don’t need no education''
Our brain is dead and waiting for its cremation

My last wish and advice
We need more role models on the rise
Always take care of the youth
Cuz, in the future we will surely eat from there fruit

Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2010

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