Sunday, January 24, 2010


Aabo…how I’ve missed you
It’s been eight long years since we lost you
Every time I remember your smile it brings tears to my eyes
I know everyone will leave, to go meet Allah one day
But I didn’t know the pain would be this unbearable
I will never forget your words, your advice, your kisses and your smiles
I am a better person today because of you
Aabo…I pray to Allah for a place in Janatul Firdows for you
I pray to Allah to see your smile once more
I pray my kids will have an Aabo like you,
One that will teach them what’s right or wrong
One that will love them like no other
One that will support them through thick and thin
One that will take care of them
Aabo you will forever be missed
Aabo there will be no other aabo like you
Aabo gabadaadha loves you…

*Nada Mohamed*
Copyright © 2010

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