Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For my Brothers

My brothers are the strong men of the ummah
They do not shy away from growing their beards long….
They do not imitate others,
They lower their gaze – even when temptations knock harder at their doorstep…
They carry Islam on their hearts and mind…
And they place Allah SubhanAllah Wa Ta’aal on their top list….
To guide themselves,
To remind themselves,
To respect themselves,
And to follow the path of the early generation Muslims
They resist the path of the evil today!
You see my brothers are not merely
or Caucasian,
But rather they are MUSLIMS!
Muslims who proclaim and live la ilaha illa allah muhammad rasul allah
And, that makes them different..
My brothers are the protectors of the Muslimahs,
They know how to treat their
and Friends justly…
And yet you see them as strangers for you can't never fathom the heart of a Muslim man,
And contrary to what the media preaches my brothers are not insecure and you will never seem them mistreating
their women for they know the status of women in Islam...
They know that paradise lies under the feet of their mothers
And, they also know the advice of rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam that "The best of you are those who are best to their wives"
Still sometimes you fail to comprehend why they don’t go to
Clubbing with the boys
Or chill with the girls,
Or act all shady about things,
But you see these are men who are from the Ummah!
Men who place their foreheads on the floor 5 times x more!
And they only aim to please Allah Azzawajal,
Their goal is to enter Jannah,
And therefore you do not see them indulging in things that would displease their Lord!
And all those false accusations and allegations can never ever damage their imaan - it will only make them stronger, Alhamdulilah.
For they know that this world is only a mere transit for our souls!
Our real abode is the hereafter.
You see these are the reasons why my brothers are the strong men that they are!
And, for that I pray to the Almighty to keep them and us firm on the right path!

~Halima Ali Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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