Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my tears dry on their own

My Tears Dry On Their Own,
My Days Starts And Ends With A Frown,
I Am A Nomad Without A Home,
But I Am Strong Like The Ox,
I Keep Getting Up From These Painfull Knocks,
In A World Full Of Insensitivity,
I AM Quickly Losing My Positivity,

Breathing Is Hard,
Running Away Just Brings Me Back to Square One,
But Yet My Spirit Is Unscarred,
i Do Nothing Wrong To The World,
But i Sense Azrael Floating And Hovering Over Me,
Kiraman Katibin,
My Deeds Are Humble But Yet Hollow,
I Am A Leader And Yes Sometimes A Good Fellow,
I Cry,
I Tried,
My Tears Dry On Their Own

Hyder Noor.
Copyright ©2010

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