Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Painting

The most beautiful colors I painted up our love
A painting that consisted of you and me
The painting was valuable
Nothing that could be sold
Cautiously, I had the beautiful painting in my head
A painting that I never wanted to forget
Until one day
You knew I was weak for love
And yet you stayed behind to see me suffer
You knew that I had difficulty with emotions
And yet you stayed to play
The truth is love can be so ruthless
You is so
We can never stay together
We've tried too many times
Maybe I'm wrong and it's all in my mind
It is said that patience is the key to a good relationship
Patience I had, but was it worth it?
The beautiful painting that I carefully painted;
Destroyed the same day you showed your true I
Remains were not those wonderful colors, I was drowned in
The painting, which consisted of me and you were forgotten slowly away
The only thing that is left of the painting is the white color
Pure and innocent
It is a painting waiting to be painted by the beautiful colors I once painted

Zana H Hashi
Copyright © 2010

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