Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Am ME, Who Never Needed You!

Note: This is definitely one of the best poems I have come across, literally my jaw dropped while reading it. Another beautiful piece by Twisted Eleagnce aka Hayat Magan <3>

He declared in a loud voice
Like a prophet
Passing on a prophecy
He thought
With his mere words
I would follow his lead
Like a obedient disciple
And treat him
As though he was the second coming.

He whispered
In a soft voice
Trying to infect me
With unattractive imagery
Of his mother
Of that woman
He wanted me to be
Bare foot
Living the 21 century purgatory
Fully equipped with everything
Except the woman I use to be.

He uttered seductively
Attempting to empower me
Back with my sexuality
The same man
Who tried to robbed me of it
To begin with.
Yet he called this loving me?

But what he did not realize is……

I am Cleopatra
The equal of Caesar.
I am Juliet
That didn’t drink the poison.
I am Bonnie
Who walked away from Clyde.
I am Oprah
Minus Stedman.
I am Hilary
That divorced Bill.
I am Michelle
That made Obama.
I am me
Who never needed you.

Hayat Magan
Copyright © 2009

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