Monday, January 4, 2010


Diagnose with me the disease,
Explore the impact on the release,
"Prevention is better than cure",
Is not a saying from a mouth of a liar!

Hey you the black beauty African sister,
Apply not on your skin that harmful drug!
Please don't SPOIL your God-given colour!
Let your skin stay as per to be without crag!

Behold how smooth, please keep it shine!
Be proud of your African heritage line!
Never defame nature that is thine!
Leave it alone original like mine!

If you medicate yourself and in the heat of the sun smell,
And you burn your body with cosmetics like hell,
The beauty that you are looking for will never dwell!
And the effect of the drug on the skin will have a lot to tell!

Changing your colour is competing with God!
The Creator of all, the Almighty Lord,
Whose punishment is so harsh to human accord!
Give in and repent to Him, later time will not afford!

If you ruin your hue in search of a man,
In fact, you will never be a wife but none!
And the bitter of loneliness is what you will earn!
The multi-coloured body is not the way of how love to learn!

Never fear of missing one to fall in love!
For sure, he is at reach and you will have!
Stay original and the cow will calve!
With chemical the hope is nil to love!

When the face is white and the leg black!
I can't call you African lady because all is lack!
Bear in mind that marriage is fate and luck!
Not the body white and the deep black!

If you feed your body with chemical,
The poison will kill your physical!
No soft skin to touch but rough like wall!
No husband will come to you as a doll!

You are PRETTY African girl and tall!
You deserve love score and goal!
Dressed in good personality and soul!
Why do you choose your skin to FALL?

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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