Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rose in a concrete World

Africa is held hostage and being drained

She is weak and left bloodstained

Struggling to maintain

Never giving her adversary the pleasure of her pain

Always keeping a smile on her face, though her children are being slain

To this day she’s being raped of her riches

Her attackers escaped and left her in stitches

She’s well known for her astonishing beauty

So how can they put her trough such cruelty

But even though she’s living her life rough

One can not say she isn’t tough

From all corners of the world they come to see her up-close

This world is made out of concrete and Africa is its rose

But when her scars come forth and appear

They feel sick and quickly disappear

They don’t want to be nowhere near her

Cuz her disfigured body becomes clearer

But she never gets upset

Always giving them her utmost respect

She tries to look past the fact that they easily neglect

Countless letters she wrote to the UN

Telling her about her story and thinking he’s a friend

Complaining about her son Rwanda being insane and hurting himself

The UN read it and laughed, put her letter at the bottom of the shelf

And about Sudan and how he’s been starving for multiple years

Once again her all her requests fell on deaf ears
What about Somalia, drowning in his own tears

Sadly Africa is easy to ignore

And behind her beauty she’s hungry and poor

Not knowing what goes on behind closed doors
Like when they secretly infected her with HIV

Putting the blame on her very own green monkey

Making her believe she’s filthy and unclean

While laughing behind her back how evil and mean

Borrowing her money to put her on her feet

Money they now she can’t pay back so they chop her up like a peace of meat

Stealing her diamonds and her oil

Creating chaos and turmoil

This would make anyone’s blood start to boil

But not Africa, she always keeps a cool head

Even if they have left her for dead

And she believed the lies she has been told

While waiting for the truth to unfold

Africa is young with and old soul

Behind all the smiles you can see her warm heart start to turn cold...

Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2010

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