Thursday, January 7, 2010

Somali Warriors

We are the warriors who survived the blows of warlords who stole the pride and glory of our homeland!
We are the warriors that will work towards building our country; we are the generation that will ensure the generations to come will have a home they can embrace minus the war and poverty. We are the generations that will bring back the glory of 1960 to our people, inshAllah.
We are the warriors who survived the cruelty of refugee camps!
Our love for Somalia is the rope that unites us together!
We are the youth of Somalia!
We are the youth who condemn tribalism and are united on the concept of Somalinimo!
We aim to learn from the mistakes of the past!
We will not dwell and fantasizes about the most expensive wedding attire, or even be distracted with things that will just bring instant gratifications.
We will be women who will support their husbands!
Women who will not seek to belittle their spouse or children.
We will be more than just being W-O-M-E-N!
We will be the best of daughters, sisters, mothers, and wives!
For we are the women warriors of Somalia who will not indulge in things that are not beneficial!
We will love our fellow Somali regardless of what tribe s/he subscribes too...
We will be men who will support and raise a family!
We will be more than just being M-A-N!
We will be men who will learn from the mistakes of the past!
Men who will support their women!
We will be the best of sons, brothers, fathers and husbands!
Collectively we will be the warriors who will support one another.
We strive to raise children who will be Muslims and adhere passionately and sincerely to the path of Rassulllah sallallahu alayhi wasallam!
We are the warriors who comprehend the value of education!
We will be the future educators, doctors, lawyers, engineers, poets, writers, teachers, professors, politicians, firemen and fire women, police men and police women, etc….
We, the Warriors of Somalia, will wave that blue flag with the white star high…
We are the warriors who understand their responsibilities towards our country….
We will act accordingly and cease every opportunity for the betterment of Somalia…
For we will inevitable be the warriors that will win against the warlords!InshAllah.

Halima Ahmed
Copyright ©2009

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