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Group poem 4: For the men we love - Fathers.

Thank you everyone for participating in group poem FOUR, this group poem is really different from the other ones we have had so far. The feelings and emotions of the writers are not similar. Everyone holds a unique perspective on this poem. May Allah Ta'aal bless and grant the fathers who are not amidst us anymore, and children of these fathers have the patience to comprehend what Allah Ta'aal said in Surah Al-Imran verse 185 that "every soul shall have a taste of death."we can only pray to be among the ones who adhered to that path of rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in this life and be among the guided ones in the hereafter.

Aabo…how I’ve missed you
It’s been eight long years since we lost you
Every time I remember your smile it brings tears to my eyes
I know everyone will leave, to go meet Allah one day
But I didn’t know the pain would be this unbearable
I will never forget your words, your advice, your kisses and your smiles
I am a better person today because of you
Aabo…I pray to Allah for a place in Janatul Firdows for you
I pray to Allah to see your smile once more
I pray my kids will have an Aabo like you,
One that will teach them what’s right or wrong
One that will love them like no other
One that will support them through thick and thin
One that will take care of them
Aabo you will forever be missed
Aabo there will be no other aabo like you
Aabo gabadaadha loves you…

*Nada Mohamed*

Hes been the main man in my life.
And when I'm weak, he's my back bone and makes sure I'm standing up right.
I can see your love for me, for it shines through, lighting up my darkest nights.
It's so easy for you to make me smile, just be by my side.
And when I would fall down and cry my tears you would wipe.
When I was scared, you assured me things would be fine.
Not sure how I could of made it this far without you.
My Father how I truly Love you!
*Kayla Okrah*

Father, you are the reason why I breathe, I owe my life to you!
You embrace me when I’m not myself and gave me your name; you take care of me effortlessly and worked towards bringing me when I was a little boy and later to be a gentleman. You taught me good habits, discipline and showed what unconditional love is all about.
You natured me to a worthy son and to one day fulfill your dreams and take over your responsibilities. The sun don't set without seeing you, I admire your legacy and respect you to an extent where I would not be able breathe without you. Years pass by while I’m still trying to follow your footsteps, but your work has been kept in the book of all time records. Father, you’re the light of my life, the joy, happiness, love, affection, laughter I receive from you is priceless, may you live longer.

*Ahmed Abdi*

Father is one who loves, teaches guides, listens and protects you! Father is the person who is there for you when you need someone the most, he is someone who comforts you when you are down, and my father is all this and more! He is the one I love so dearly, and my guiding star.
*Jamilla Said*

My dad’s the man, and he always got a plan. Just like a bird with many feathers, my father always keeps our family together!
*Faisal Hassan*

My number 1 supporter! Someone who is never lost for kind words and inspiration, alhamdulilah!
*Ladan Warsame*

My aabo is the man of the house, a leader who is demanding yet with a warn heart. He inspires me with his knowledge which he passes on always. He is my leader whom I follow. He gives me strenghth when I am weak.
*Kima Subeer Abdalla*

aboo is my guiding light to show me around wiz the warmth in his heart but failed me in many way ,as the head, the leader , whom we all depend but is always our leader 2 be called 4 all z war ,criminal acts ,being a reason 2 why we are all dispersed all around the world for aboo is father that made as refugee .
*Ekram Osman*

Aabo my strength my inspiration..He is the soldier who always fights my wars.He utters only words that are blessing and praises me, always. Love me more than anything. May Allah protect you wherever you might be. And, may he grant him the keys to jannatul firdows. Ameen.
*Princez Naima Kunkaroon*

Can I ever thank you enough for being the wonderful man you are?
Abo, thank you for your patience,
For your unconditional love,
For the warmth in your hug,
For your love…
For being the most important man in my life,
Thank you for your encouragement,
For always having the heart and ability to overlook my mistakes,
For educating me about things that matter,
And for always telling me that an ambition without a purpose and objectivity is a failed ambition. One must have a sense of direction in life, and remember that you are YOU because of your family and those around you who love and yearn for your success. I heart you ♥ .

*Halima Ali Ahmed*

Nada, Kayla, Ahmed, Jamila, Faisal, Ladan, Kima, Ekram, Naima, and Halima.

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