Saturday, January 16, 2010


Without wife means without life!
Cutting stone with blunt knife!
Bachelor's world is so dry!
Marriage is so sweet, try!

Heart longs for a heart!
As cat longs for a rat!
Not to kill or to curse!
But love razz to razz!

Living and missing mate!
Alone late at night late!
Fasting from a ripe fruit!
Awake mid hours like brute!

Sure, that is too bleak!
No connection to mouse click!
Twenty-four hours of stress!
Miles and miles deep in mess!

Lonely life is like hell!
All alone not feeling well!
In mess, dark, no access!
To dear words of success!

When she sits with thee,
Thou glance at her and see,
Love from heart to eye!
Your response is: kiss and sigh!

Marriage is not making love!
As bull mates cow to calve!
But to get good wife and kid!
And fulfilling godly need!

In marriage you are safe!
From prostitute's cafe!
Hunting her is wrong pave!
Indulge not in life and crave!

Marriage is life's pleasure!
And the mind's leisure!
It is a gift from God!
The Benevolent Lord!

When your darling is expectant and weak!
Or breast-feeding infant and about to peak!
Attempt not to slap her, please don't kick!
For love's sake her words gold and tick!

The Almighty God created a man!
And from his rib created a woman!
Desperate is man without her!
Bland is she if not him with her!

Shameful is man to man!
Worst is woman to woman!
Immoral is lesbian and gay!
In Islam that is NAY!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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