Friday, February 12, 2010


All are suffering in Somalia,
And Bantus are in danger,
They are victims of xenophobia,
As if they are not from there.

They are called "The People of the River!"
The name stands for racial discrimination!
No one marry from "The People of the River!"
On their dignity, that is a sheer humiliation!

Dark as they are in colour,
"Stinking black!" they are called!
Out of the blue, the phrase is faller!
Without resisting back, they are robbed!

In peace, pulling their wheelbarrows,
They are killed for no right of reason!
Others are lions and they are weak crows!
They are victims of all that falling stone!

In the heart of their homeland,
They are harassed and despised!
Without attention or helping hand,
They are marginalised and chased!

Shush! Humanity is dying!
And majority is maiming!
Minority is finishing!
And the poet is reporting!

Mohamed Abdikadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright ©2010

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