Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dedication To the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

A lover of the heart you are,
In your eyes I see the reflection of love,
You are a beholder of a golden heart,
The lover of lovers.

Indeed you are the most kind hearted,
Most soft and tender,
You are a pillar of strength,
Speaks from the heart with words of sweetness,
You are indeed a prince to your beloved ones.

Inspiration you have been,
Spoken with wisdom and knowledge,
With words of honesty and generosity,
Compassion you were to the needy.

Even when life seemed doomed your faith was so strong,
Truly you are a lover of lovers and beloved by many,
Your honesty wept the hardest of hearts,
You brought happiness and joy to ones life,
Fulfilled an empty heart with love.

You have been an inspiration to this infant heart of mine,
You were the one who never turned from my failure
Reaching me when my heart no longer felt love,
Failed you many times and still you were first to believe in me.

Know this your words of wisdom I heard,
Know this I felt your pure love,
Know this truly your love and generosity has touched my heart,
I love you to an extend where love itself could not explain,
You are the in lighter of this infant heart of mine...

Many though they had the upper hand because of beautification belongs, multitudes of money or equipment; but it was rather due to the noble values you had that made you beautiful...

Ahmeddey M Hassan
Copyright © 2010

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