Saturday, February 20, 2010


Break me down
With your words...
I'm broken.

Curse me, insult me,
Tear me to pieces,
I'm torn and broken.

Shout at me,
Bark your orders,
In order for me to remain
In this constant state of humiliation.
I'm humiliated, torn and broken.

Look at me with utter disgust,
While wishing inside I was,
Taken back to the dust,
You hate me so much,
Your anger prooves it
So hate me.
I'm hated, humiliated, torn and broken.

What hurts more than my hurting before,
Is now...not feeling.
Being uncapable of shedding tears,
Being unable to react to your harsh words,
I can't feel
I'm lost of any feelings
I'm in a state of no emotion.

To think of all the others.
Who have someone who loves them
And Pays them respect,
Who praise and compliment them,
And who ignore their defects.
To think of our Prophet,
The best example,
And how sweet his words were,
For family or stranger.

His words of advice are neglected,
They remain in a book on a shelf,
Very high,
And like me it is:
hated, humiliated, torn and broken....
Bint Qalin
Copyright © 2010

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