Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love is all it is

Tonight I despair and stare at a ceiling that is bare
Love is keeping me awake and my soul mate is nowhere
Near. She is so near on the phone, but 9000 miles away.

Modernity is poisonous that I can attest.
Phone makes her near, in essence she is away.
But with her voice my mind clears.
I text to get the feeling of her but touching her is nay.

Love is a torture when the partner is away, but comfort when near
I close my eyes to catch sleep, but my mind wanders away.
Stealing the night and robbing my sleep away.
I groan under the pain of love.

In this grueling night, awake I stay, hoping for that day.
When, the love of my life heads my way.
Lying in bed I whisper, “Love is all it is.”

Mohamud Abdi Sheikh
Copyright © 2010

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